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hi Derek

just i think you have not understand my question…My question is suppose i have save the document it will first validate before saving it that's ok for us…Now the question is after i save the editing that i have done now i am closing my xmetal at the time of closing is it still validate the document or without validating it will be closed????This question i am asking is because what is happening in our server is that whenever some one had finished and save its editing and he clicked the closed button at one sec he is promoted from the contenta that are you wanted to check in back the document if he clicked yes before the xmetal is closed properly he is getting some warning he is only able to check in the document after the xmetal is closed propely and as per as my understanding this thing is happening due to the xmetal has not yet saved the document because it is first validating then saving………

If you can make any comment over this it is really helpfully….