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Derek Read

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This is a standard feature. You can include up to 10 UWL files for a particular language.

1. Launch XMetaL Author and open any document.
2. Press F7 to spell check. If asked to close the spell checker answer “no”.
3. Select Options > User Word Lists…
4. In the dialog that appears select “Add List” then browse to and select your UWL file.
5. The file you select will be listed along with any others you have added, plus “Document Word List” and the default UWL file for the current language (in the screenshot I've attached it is “WT10US.UWL” which is for US English).
6. Dismiss the dialog to save your options.

See screenshot called CustomUWL.jpg for an example of what you should see in step 5.

The “Document Word List” includes words that you selected “Skip” or “Skip All” for during the current session. These are temporary and are not added to the UWL file. They are lost when you shut down XMetaL. Words are added to the UWL file when you select the Add option during spell checking or if you use the “Add Entry” button in the “User Word List” dialog.

Everything listed in the “User Word List” dialog will be used for spell checking that language on top of the standard spell checking (defined in a MOR file). Files you add to the list can be enabled / disabled using the box with the x in it to the left of the UWL file, or you can simply remove them using the “Remove List” button if you wish to permanently disable their usage.