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Derek Read

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You should not alter any files in this folder otherwise the software may become unstable or break:
C:Program FilesCorelSharedXMetaLWriting Tools10.0

That folder contains core spell checking files necessary for the proper operation of the spell checker (ie: the default built-in lists of words and other functionality needed to spell check all the languages that are supported).

The files that are located inside My DocumentsCorel User FilesXMetaL 4 are saved when you use the Add button inside the spell checker. By default they are empty until you add a word. It is these files that you may share between users if you like. The filename is not important in this case if you are creating your own UWL file or duplicating an existing one to modify and share. What is important is that you add it to the list of User Word List files. This should normally be done by using the standard interface inside the spell checker by selecting: Options > User Word Lists…

We understand that you are attempting to deploy the same files to multiple machines, so if you need to make modifications to the Windows Registry in order to aid with deployment of these UWL files  I would suggest you obtain a registry monitoring tool and interact with the spell checker in the usual way (as noted above) and then duplicate the settings that are made on your other user's machines. Note that the dialog you interact with here does not limit you to using the My DocumentsCorel User FilesXMetaL 4 folder if you wish to select another location.

I believe the questions you have been asking on the forum were previously answered quite a while ago in a very detailed message sent as part of the partner support being provided to you, and then resent again yesterday. You may wish to check with your colleagues to coordinate your efforts in this area so that you are not duplicating the work they are doing. From what I understand you are not in the same location so perhaps that is why there is lack of communication occuring? If you need a copy of the same message please let us know so we can send it directly to you as well.