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Derek Read

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The file you need to modify will also depend on which 'deliverable' you are using to generate your PDF (there are three different ones).

If you are using “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” then the existing section in links.xsl looks like this:














At minimum you would need additional conditional logic in there to check to see if the link is inside a table. However, you might have links inside tables elsewhere, so if you don't want to suppress page numbers for links in all tables you might need to add something to your XML to identify this table as being special, perhaps using the outputclass attribute for example:

. Or you could key off of something else. Maybe you never want links inside tables inside an 'appendix' to have page numbers. For bookmaps you might be able to check if the table is in an appendix. For regular maps you might try to just check to see if the topic title contains the text “appendix”.

The the outputclass type of solution the conditional logic inside the XSLT template might have this kind of logic:

xsl:when has ancestor “table” and “table” has @outputclass = “docUpdateTable” do not include page number
xsl:otherwise include page number (ie: existing behavior)