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I'm not sure theirs any way to exclude xref text for chm full text search. we are having this problem to.  I have taught about a few things that could possibly work but haven't tried them yet. Maybe adding non printing charters or extra tags to the xrefs every 5 characters would get it thrown out of the full text search. as for the exact string just use quotation marks. The chm search is quite powerful, that's one of the main reasons we still use it, here is an page that explains the search pretty well:

update: I just did a quick test and if the html link has the text of “Configuring Admin rights” it doesn’t seem to pick it up in the search. It’s kind of a hack but other than that you’re kind of stuck with how the html search works. To even get that to work you’d have to get pretty familiar with the xsl files to be able to salt the html links.