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Just to refer back to my original question about the Search tab…I wonder if there is a hack that will allow you to expand the search options.

For example, since my reltables produce a lot of links, it makes the CHM search functionality irrelevant. If someone searches for “Configuring Admin rights,” not only does the system return the Configuring Admin rights topic, it returns dozens of pages that have an xref to Configuring Admin rights. The top hit is not always the main topic page either.
I wish there were a way to specify, IGNORE XREFS.
Another thing, and this may just be the limits of HTML Help; there is no way to say Search exactly this string of words: “Configuring Admin rights.” The system returns every instance of the word “configuring.”

HTMLHelp (or is it RoboHelp) hasn't changed in 2 decades…I wish XMetal partnered with a better Documentation Help producer. Is there anything more important in documentation than findability? The single biggest complaint I hear from users about the embedded help in applications is, you can never find anything. 2 decades and no improvement…