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Thanks, Yeah I pretty much know what it’s doing and have some custom print items already. What I was kind of referring to was when Xmetal copies the hhc and hhp from a sub folder if the base path was altered during compile because of referenced file outside the map directory. The toolkit may generate the hhp at chm_outsubfoldermap.hhp but if Xmetal triggers the compile, it uses the CopyHHP prototype in DitaRenditions.js to copy the hhp to chm_outmap.hhp. The updateString function in the CopyHHP prototype ends up goofing up the hhp my xsl creates because it  is not aware of [window] and treats the next lines like the last hhp section trying to resolve the main=”… line as if it was a file path. I can fix the code in about 5 min but the DitaRenditions.js seems to be a kinda core xmetal file I don't want to touch.