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Derek Read

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We do not have any plans at the current time to try to duplicate the MS Word feature. Looks like things were confused by the mention of Arbortext Epic, and the suggestion that that product has this feature. I have not seen a version that has it, have you?

The closest you can get with any version of XMetaL Author up to and include 6.0.1 (and something I would really suggest you try in case it comes close to meeting your needs) is to implement an empty CSS file for the Structure View, or to not include a CSS file for Structure view in your customization. The Structure View will then inherit the CSS you are using for Tags On and Normal view. It will not be exactly the same but for most of your document it should be very similar. This might not be good enough, I cannot say. If you do a lot of table editing then that is one limitation you will run into as the Structure View does not render tables “graphically” as the product does in Tags On and Normal views. Moving things around can be fiddly but it can be done as can typing, deleting, inserting elements, etc. But, I will admit in advance, the experience will not be the same as if you had two renderings of the same document sitting side by side providing you the exact equivalent of Tags On or Normal view. For some documents types however the experience can be close.