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Derek Read

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I think I'm probably not able to give you a very good answer here because I don't know which images you are referring to. If these images are referenced by the CSS file then simply placing them inside the XAC file should resolve your issue (as the CSS file and the images will be unpacked to the same folder).

Are you using something like this in your CSS?:

elementName:before {
  content: url(image.jpg);

If you must store the images in a location outside of your XAC files then you are going to have problems using XAC (as you have seen) when referencing from CSS using a relative path. If the images are always in the same place on everyone's machine perhaps you can use a full path?

Another solution that might work for you is to not use a XAC file in this case. Place your DTD and CSS in the same folder along with your other customization files. If the CSS file has the same name as the DTD (ie: filename.dtd, filename.css, filename.ctm, filename.mcr) it will be found. If you do not use XAC then the location of the customization (DTD, CSS and other files) will not change because there is no need to extract the files from the XAC (there is no XAC). You might need to change your XMAX startup code (loadFromFile / loadFromString) so that it does not use the XAC parameter. In this case, in order to find the DTD you will need to encode that as part of the SYSTEM id in the DOCTYPE declaration in the XML.

Hope this helps. I'm still not sure exactly what you are doing, so I might be way off base here.