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Derek Read

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If both products are running on the same physical machine, or at least identical hardware, then the configuration you have for Epic might just be better optimized, or perhaps your Epic customization is providing fewer features. We are really guessing here at this point. It could be that one product just deals better with a particular schema or XML file's document structure than the other.

However, it is possible that you can make some changes to the customization used for your  documents that will speed things up. If the customization was not created by you and there are specific things you notice about it you may wish to contact the maker to ask if they can improve those features. If you made the customization yourself you could provide XMetaL Support with a sample (XML file, DTD/XSD and customization files including CSS, CTM, MCR, etc) so they can have a look and see if any improvements can be made.

Things you could do would be to simplify complex CSS, scripts that take a long time to run could be improved or perhaps turned off, etc.