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Derek Read

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The product needs to build an XML DOM, and an editable rendition of the document using CSS. These are the two main things that take time, not just reading in the XML (which should be just as fast as any other non-XML-aware editing software).

A lot of other things may occur during opening (various events fire to run scripts, etc) but if you have just a CSS and CTM file (which are the absolute minimum files the product requires in addition to the schema) then you are probably seeing the document open at about the fastest possible speed.

If you have not used other XML editing software with similar capabilities you might think that 34 seconds is slow. Perhaps you are comparing this to a web browser (where the rendering is “static” — does not accept user input) or to a simple text or XML editor that does not provide similar capabilities.

You may wish to open the document directly into Plain Text view. In this view (which does not build an XML DOM and does not render the document using CSS) the document will open faster. If you then switch to Tags On view from Plain Text view you will see that the majority of time opening is used to build the DOM and CSS rendering.