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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author Enterprise uses the standard Windows %appdata% location to store some files.

You might configure Windows to use another folder for %appdata% if perhaps there is more storage space on a second drive or something. That would be a standard Windows IT adminstrator task (documented by Microsoft).

However, it sounds like your issue might have to do with the DITA Open Toolkit deployment (just a guess, but you mention “preview” comes into play here). The DITA OT is 'deployed' to %appdata% as well, in the following location to be precise:
%appdata%SoftQuadXMetaL Shared

The DITA OT is not big (as far as today's drive sizes are concerned) at about 53MB but I suppose if you are really short of space it might be a problem.

You can alter this particular location using a parameter called “DITA_OT_BUILD_DIR”. It was not designed for this purpose but you could try it to see if it gets you past your issue. The location you specify will need to be a location the user has full read/write access to and should be a location they have sole control over (ie: a path on a local drive).

I think it might be far easier to see if you can locate and remove a few hundred MB from the machine by cleaning up any temporary files before messing with these types of settings. If your users will be generating any significant amount of output from DITA content and they are already running into hard drive space issues I would also seriously consider the fact that they will require more space in the future.

For detailed information on “DITA_OT_BUILD_DIR” have a look at the recording and slideshow linked to from this page for details (and to decide if this is going to create any other problems for you): http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1008.0.html