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Derek Read

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There are a few known issues in 6.0 that may be contributing to your problems.

1. XMetaL has built-in dialogs (which are unaffected) such as the File > Open dialog. It also supports 'custom' dialogs that are often used to add functionality for specific schemas. The DITA functionality uses custom dialogs (known as XFT forms in XMetaL Developer) extensively and so when this issue occurs it tends to affect the DITA functionality more often and can trigger crashes. We are currently providing a new DLL to any clients that report behavior that sounds like this and plan to include this fix or a similar fix in our next release.

2. A new feature that puts red squiggles under mispelled words may have some issues in certain circumstances. This feature is on by default in 6.0.x. You can disable it in Tools > Options by unchecking “Check spelling while typing”. We're also looking at improving this feature for our next release.

3. If you are running the software on 64-bit hardware (regardless of Windows version) you might see various issues. If you have Windows 7 64-bit you may wish to try Microsoft's “Windows XP mode” which is specifically designed for running “legacy” 32-bit applications on Windows 7 64-bit. Installing and running the application on 64-bit hardware is otherwise unsupported at this time.