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Derek Read

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Looking at the file dita.xml.properties I see that it actually specifies a DTD, and that the DTD is accessible at the referenced location (http://java.sun.com/dtd/properties.dtd), so if you open dita.xml.properties in XMetaL Author it will download the DTD and auto-generate a basic customization for it.

There would normally be no point in opening this file for editing as it is meant to be generated by the DITA OT directly, however, opening it in XMetaL Author allows you to run scripts on it to extract the information you want rather than mucking around copying and pasting into various apps and doing manual deletions, find and replace, etc.

I've created a simple demonstration macro you can try:
1) Unzip and copy attached file here: AuthorStartupderekreadPrototype-ExtractDITATopicList.mcr
2) Restart XMetaL Author Enterprise.
3) Generate output and then open the file dita.xml.properties that you are currently manually extracting your data from.
4) Open the Macros toolbar and run the macro called “DITA Extension: Extract DITA Topic List”.
5) Answer “yes” when asked if you want to copy the list to the clipboard. Any text you currently have on the clipboard will be overwritten.

Hopefully this is the right data in the right format. If not let me know so I can tweak this script.
The script extracts the text from the element , formats it, and puts the formatted text on the clipboard.

If anyone besides kwag_myers thinks a feature like this would be useful to have in the product please let us known through our standard support channels so that we can try to track the demand. I think this is a pretty specific need (given that nobody else has asked for it yet) but one never knows.

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