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Derek Read

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I've played around with the first version and it just feels wrong.

Here's a second version that lets you browse to and select any dita.xml.properties file without opening it as a document (for editing) in XMetaL. It reads the file in as a string and parses it without opening it as a document (so the DTD is not downloaded and customization files are not auto-generated, so it is faster and there's less clutter on your machine).

Slightly different instructions:
1) Unzip and copy attached file here: AuthorStartupderekreadPrototype-ExtractDITATopicList_v2.mcr
2) Restart XMetaL Author Enterprise.
3) Generate output.
4) Open the Macros toolbar and run the macro called “DITA Extension: Extract DITA Topic List v2”.
5) Browse to and select (any) dita.xml.properties that you are currently manually extracting your data from then click OK.
6) Answer “yes” when asked if you want to copy the list to the clipboard. Any text you currently have on the clipboard will be overwritten.

The data is being extracted from the same element as my first version.

As before, if this looks like a feature you would be interested in seeing in an official release please make a feature request through our standard support channels.

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