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To finish what I started, here's a procedure that is easier than it looks. I've actually had to use this several times now. This last time I had over 60 files in the Recycling Bin due to several changes in direction during development.

Publish a list of files used when generating WebHelp to omit unused files from language translation.

1. Go to …DITA_OTtemp and select dita.xml.properties.
2. Copy the file to an alternative location.
3. Right-click the file name and select Open with>Notepad.
4. Delete all tags, directories, and any other text to be excluded from the report. The end result is a comma separated value (CSV) list.
5. Go to the Format menu and clear Word Wrap.
6. Copy & Paste contents into Word.
7. Go to Edit>Replace.
8. Type the comma character (,) in Find what.
9. Tab to, or select Replace with and click More >>.
10. On the Special menu, select Manual Line Break and click Replace All. A list of all XML and image files displays in a single column.