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Derek Read

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There is no logic in the product to hide output types from the Generate Output dialog if they fail for any reason. Are you sure it is not available anymore?

Our installation process might be improved, however, we can't install HTML Help Workshop because Microsoft does not let anyone do that. You (as the actual user) must obtain it from them (at least last time we checked their licensing terms). Many people that create CHM files (perhaps most of our clients?) will already have it installed on their machine. However, if you are not familiar with the tool then I could see how there might be a break down here. I'll raise this with our team. We could try to detect if it is installed when you install our product and then bug people about it at that time but I don't think that is going to be any more helpful than what we currently do.

If you generate output without HTML Help Workshop installed the error message you should see is the following:

Output could not be generated because the application 'HTML Help Workshop' was not found.

So far that seems to be good for most people. (nobody has been asking about it through our support lines anyway, and there are definitely a lot of people generating CHM because we've gotten lots of other questions over the last few years). You might have missed the error the first time, but if you try to generate CHM again you should continue to see the same error message. The main thing you should be aware of is that if you purchase the product and need help you do get support and they (including me) can help you with this kind of stuff.

If you search for “HTML Help Workshop” on Google it is currently the first hit. At the moment Microsoft has information on it here:

Our documentation is written assuming someone would know where to get HTML Help Workshop or that they'll try to find it using a search engine maybe. Because Microsoft constantly reorganizes things and breaks links on their website on a regular basis (at least we do not trust them as that has occurred frequently in the past) the best we could do is to ask you to search for it at http://www.microsoft.com

I'll ask the documentation team to add some more detail to that topic in our help if they can.