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Derek Read

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There is no logging mode in our product that would help you track down the issue.

The 5.5 releases (XMetaL Author Essential and Enterprise) are supported on XP and Vista. The 6.0 releases were designed to work on Windows 7, so you might try that, although they are officially not supported on 64-bit machines. We plan to support 64-bit in the next release.

I'm surprised that you see the issue running the product in XP-mode as Microsoft advertises XP-mode as being identical to running on a real XP 32-bit machine.

I would suggest you submit a support case to XMetaL Support and send the files you are working with along with specific steps. There are different ways to scroll: “open file x and use mouse wheel to scroll”, “use scroll bar to scroll”, “press PgDn key”, etc… However, if you can reproduce the issue with one of the installed samples available via the Help > Samples menu item (Journalist, Meeting Minutes, DocBook, DITA) that would be best.

We can then use this information as input for the version we are working on that will support Windows 7 64-bit.