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Derek Read

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You haven't described the type of form you are creating so this might not apply. Keep in mind that we're at version 6.0 now and although I don't think we've got what you are asking for, I do believe you can probably accomplish what you need (what I'm guessing you need). Most of our DITA forms use the method I describe below and it works quite nicely.

I think XFT could be better (things can always be made better) but we haven't had a lot of complaints so not a lot has been done in recent years.

What we use in most of our dialogs are the XFT FlexHorizontal and FlexVertical properties. I'm attaching an example created with XMetaL 3.1 that shows the technique (so you should be able to open it with a later release). See: resize_demo.zip

Two screenshots are provided as well that show the form when it first opens and after it has been stretched.

Also keep in mind that some of the older form examples (Journalist, Meeting Minutes) have not been updated (and might never be) as there is so much to try to demo in the product. For example, with 6.0 we could have demonstrated our XInclude support in the Journalist DTDs. Instead we've decided to demonstrate that support in a real-world DTD (DocBook) as it already defines XInclude.

Perhaps you have a need for something that cannot be resolved using this technique? If so, please submit some specific examples to XMetaL Support so they have something to back up any feature requests they make. We've added many many features over the years (the API count alone is approaching 1200 for example) and the vast majority of them are driven by client demand. It is better that you describe what you need to accomplish rather than the feature you think you need because it will always be possible to provide the same end results using different programming techniques.

Also, keep in mind that you are free to use any control available on the system in an XFT form provided it is a standard Windows embeddable ActiveX control. Microsoft includes many in a default Windows install (so you don't need to install or register them) and we have clients and partners that create their own controls to fit their exact needs and use those.

Note that there are likely many other features you (or your client) are missing out on that we've introduced with 5.0, 5.1, 5.5 and 6.0 that you might take advantage of as well.