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Derek Read

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I think I must be doing something different from you because what I'm doing is working:

1) Save the two files somewhere (the paths are relative so location should not matter as long as they are in the same folder). In my case they are in a folder on my Desktop.

2) Open admonition_task.xml in XMetaL Author Enterprise in Tags On or Normal view.

3) Press F11 to check references. I see that the first element references a in the other file and that its content is being displayed as expected. The second element appears with a yellow background, indicating that the “local” content is being shown.

4) Open the Attribute Inspector and see that the conref attribute for the second is referencing a non-existing id in the other file: “note-2717” (which explains why the content cannot be rendered and the local content is being shown instead).

5) For the same conref attribute click the … button and the Attach Content Reference dialog opens (or right click the element and select “Attach Content Reference”).

6) See that is the default element chosen in the first dropdown. This makes sense because we are attaching to a and content needs to be compatible. See also that the existing value in the “referenced element” textbox is “admonition_notice.xml#topic_C378232AE03A419F8F3D9D4BCE617E59/note-2717”.

7) Select the Browse button just to be sure we have the right file, then select admonition_notice.xml

8) In the list of elements shown (they are gathered from that file and remember that I have element type note selected) I see the following id values:

9) Because note-2717 does not exist (it isn't in the file so should not be listed here) I select one of the others, note-2712 (“Wear safety harness”), then click OK.

10) The second element now displays the content from note-2712 and its conref attribute is set to “admonition_notice.xml#topic_C378232AE03A419F8F3D9D4BCE617E59/note-2712” (you need to select “Show Local Content” for the element in order to view its “local” attributes).

I've also tried with same results. Do you have a different set of steps?

Perhaps a CMS system is involved? If so your steps will be different depending on your CMS integration and the CMS functionality (specially the part where you are browsing for a file as the CMS systems file browsing UI will appear at that point).