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Derek Read

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What it sounds like you want is a setting that will automatically scale your images down (only?) to fit within the column they are contained inside of? If so setting the attribute called “outputclass” to “scale” on should do that for you. Example:

    this is a test image

This is not standard DITA OT behavior for PDF output so it will only work in the “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” deliverable. Also, as written, you need to set this value on all of your elements.

You could probably change that fairly easily though (provided you have some understanding of XSLT / XSL-FO) so that it does this for all images regardless of attribute or value, or if you wish to change the attribute value or name that is being checked (ie: rather than “scale” you want to use “foobar” or another attribute rather than outputclass). The file containing this code is located here:

%appdata%SoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OTdemoxmfoCustomizationfoxslxm_image_size_fix.xsl

I'm not sure about columns but this certainly works for pages. However, given the way it is coded I would expect it to work for columns as well. Note that it assumes an image DPI of 96 when doing necessary conversions so if things look wacky there (ie: perhaps you have some 72 DPI images, etc) that's what you'll probably need to look at.