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You could perform a Find and Replace for all images in the current document if you want to set an attribute to a specific value that should be the same for all.

I'm not sure that's what you are asking for though, as it seems you're looking for something that will be added during transformation and not necessarily in the source XML. Is that right? What is it exactly that you want to add? Are we talking about styling (like a border?) or something else?

Yes, my source XML are OK with images properly inserted and displaying in Xmetal. They also get displayed properly when transformed into one-column, but when transformed into two-column, which is a requirement for the document I am working on, then I get some images too large to fit into one side of the columns. The resulting PDF is not properly formatted because of that.
Or sometimes the text wrapping around the images is not good, big gap between the surrounding text and the image.

I would like to keep my source XML intact, and perform changes only using the xslt during transformation.

So I was wondering if there is a way to make global change that can change affect all images at once during transformation.

Thank you.