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Derek Read

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The date and time of production can be viewed (in Adobe Reader anyway) by opening the Document Properties dialog. I assume what you really want is to include this information somewhere directly within the visible portion of the PDF (and HTML). Can you elaborate on where you want this information to appear and what date/time format you wish it to be in?

Two different source for the date/time I can think of and it isn't clear which you want:

1. Hard-code the date into your map (or topic) using the elements DITA provides for this, then adjust the DITA OT transformation to extract this information and place it in the location you wish it to appear in your output. Maybe something like this:




A date attribute is also present on the following elements:
(this is the most likely one to use depending on what you are after)

Note that and appear inside various elements that give more context, like , , etc.

A year attribute is present on the following elements:

2. Modify the DITA OT in some way to obtain the date/time from the system (and again, insert it into the document somewhere). This would better reflect the actual time of “printing”. There are apparently some extensions to XSLT that provide date and time functions, however, I have not used these. I'm not sure if they will work with all XSLT processors either.