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Derek Read

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We are planning a webinar to answer these types of questions. You may wish to keep an eye out for it on our [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/board,9.0.html]Announcements Board[/url].

Here's my brief answer for the three types of storage (as I classify them) that you might consider. I'm listing them in order of preference from “best solution” to “not really recommended for teams”.

Integration with a CMS System or Other File Management Software:
  File management, including file locking via “check-in” and “check-out”, versioning, and potentially other features specific to the CMS product which might include search, linking, chunking, “where used”, publishing integrations, etc. See the following for a list of CMS systems XMetaL is known to have an integration for: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,608.0.html

  Basic file locking using the WebDAV protocol for files stored on a WebDAV server (such as Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, or IBM WebSphere). Supported by XMetaL Author and XMAX for most customizations except our DITA solution (the reasons for this are complex).

Local File System (LFS) or Network Share:
  No file locking, file lock checking, read-only attribute checking, or anything similar.

In theory a solution could be created that would provide this functionality (using various APIs provided from the 1200 or so that we include with the product or by using “XMetaL Connector”). One of our partners (or a client) could probably do this work. We do not provide such a solution, preferring to concentrate work on the three CMS systems we maintain integrations for (Documentum, FileNet and SharePoint) as well as our “XMetaL Connector” layer, which is used by these three integrations and by most of our partners to integrate XMetaL with their CMS and other similar systems.