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Derek Read

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Yes sorry. I've re-read your thread and clued into the fact that you're talking about DITA documents. The preview functionality there is very different and not connected to multipleOutput.mcr (that is something we include for use by people creating their own customizations and will run for anything BUT DITA by default).

For DITA when you switch views to Browser Preview the code (which runs the DITA OT) assumes at first that you want to generate output to the same folder as the DITA source files, which in your case (and with my locked floppy) is read only and it will fail. When you switch directly to Browser Preview the default location is assumed.

However, with DITA you also have the option to select Generate Output from the File menu. You can specify an alternative location in “Save output as”. If you do that it will work (provided your output location is write permitted).

I'll log this as the real request. If the location is found to be read-only one option would be to prompt the user for an alternate location.