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Derek Read

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Looks like there's more involved here than I thought. A quick test on a write protected floppy shows it fails when attempting to write the temporary XML file (and an error is raised). I assume a CD would be similar behavior. Tested with XMetaL Author Enterprise (I think 6.0 might have a slightly different multipleOutput.mcr file than previous versions).

My steps:

1. Save a file to floppy.
2. Write protect the floppy.
3. Switch to Browser Preview and wait for about 5 minutes.
Windows eventually figures out it can't write there, at which point the XMetaL script fails and raises an error like this:

XMetaL Author Enterprise
Could not open a:HM49A.xml for writing : Permission denied.

Check the directory and file names and try the operation again.

Probably best that I just escalate this as a feature request at this point (although you are free to go in and modify this behavior in the MCR file you'd be on your own there). Can I ask why you need this feature to put it into context when I make my write-up?