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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author itself does not include a CSS editor. Customizations can be created with XMetaL Developer, which includes a CSS editor, CTM editor, script editor, forms (XFT) editor and other functionality for creating customizations including compiling scripts into MCR files, debugging capabilities, the Programmer and Customization Guides and the ability to generate XAC files.

However, the CSS files consumed by XMetaL Author are just standard CSS files that follow the W3C CSS recommendations and so in theory any CSS editor or plain text editor can be used to create them.

If you are running a newer version of XMetaL Author (5.5+) the auto-generated CSS file (if one was created for you) will have been generated here in order to be compatible with requirements for writing out per-user files in newer versions of Windows:

When it was generated a dialog would have been displayed telling you the exact path to the file.

An example on Windows 7 where my DTD is located at C:testtest.dtd:

However, you can ignore all of that if you will be creating your CSS file using XMetaL Developer. If you don't have Developer you might wish to find that file in order to get some example of what you might wish to start with. In a typical customization you would place your CSS file in the same folder as your DTD or XSD file (as noted in the Customization Guide), giving it the same name as your DTD or XSD file but with a .CSS file extension. If this file is present it will be loaded. When it is not present then you get the auto-generated file (and you are notified of its creation).

Alternatively, you can create an XAC file (using XMetaL Developer) which contains your CSS file, CTM file, schema, and other optional files (MCR, XFT, etc).