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Derek Read

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You need to create a customization that includes a CSS file that specifies a value for font-family to use a font that contains glyphs for Chinese. If you have not created a CSS file a basic one will have been automatically generated for you. You can either start with it or create a new one. The CSS file defines how your document will appear in Tag On and Normal view.

For font-family in your CSS file you could (and probably would) specify the same font you specified when viewing your documents in Notepad or in XMetaL Author's Plain Text view. How Plain Text view appears is purely controlled by the settings in Tools > Options > Plain Text View. In Notepad the font setting is in Format > Font.

Creating and editing CSS files is documented in the Customization Guide included with XMetaL Developer as well as how to create a deploy customizations and various other things you may need to know. The Customization Guide is also available here:

We have various partners and a Professional Services team that specialize in customizing the product for use with specific schemas (DTD or W3C Schema).