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Derek Read

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You will not be able to fix this with the Spell Check functionality.

I'm not sure I understand how multiple carriage returns would be inserted between elements and I can't seem to reproduce this with a standard installation without any 3rd party software installed (ie: no CMS integrations, etc).

XMetaL Author does have a feature that can “pretty print” documents and this is configured to be on by default for DITA documents in XMetaL Author Enterprise. Perhaps that is part of your problem? This feature should not normally insert multiple line breaks in a row however.

Pressing the Enter key within a

element (in Tags On or Normal view) and inside most other elements (except those where white-space is significant such as inside ) would not insert a carriage return. Various things may occur, with the most common being that the element would either be split (as with

elements) or the next most likely element would be inserted (which is often the same element when allowed), so I don't think that could be the issue.

You could try turning pretty printing off using the macro we provide for this purpose to see if that helps. Enable the Macros toolbar then look for “DITA Configuration: Turn OFF Pretty-Printing”. Note that turning off pretty printing will not remove carriage returns from existing documents, it just stops additional pretty printing from being added.