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Derek Read

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The only documentation we have at the moment is what is contained in the appendices in the XMetaL Author Enterprise online help (F1). In version 6.0 these appendices are lettered C and D. They cover parameters that we expose that are slightly easier to work with (in theory) than making true modifications to the XSLT (which is complex). They might answer some questions.

None of the XSLT files we add to the DITA OT are documented yet, short of their having nice names that hint at their content and the comments (if any) inside the XSLT itself. None of the DITA OT XSLT files themselves are officially documented anywhere either yet, as far as I know, though there is information on various other aspects of it (manual installation for those that do not have XMetaL, running it from the command line, etc — things you don't need to worry about with XMetaL because we install it and provide the GUI to run it):

There are two active Yahoo groups that may be of help:

Very possibly things that you wish to do may have already been answered there. The first one is a very active group of DITA OT users familiar with making modifications.