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There are no cases for this issue in our support system as far as we can tell. Did you submit a case using this form? http://na.justsystems.com/contact-support.php

Yes. It has now been 48 hours with no reply.

1) Set your system clock forward or back a day or two and then set it back to the right date. This should cause the trial to expire. You should then be able enter the trial extension.

2) Use the product in trial mode for 30 days. Then when you are told the trial has expired enter the trial extension.

I moved the date forward two days and back to today. When that didn't work I moved it forward a month (there was 22 days left on my trial period) and tried to enter the Serial Number, resulting in this:

A problem was encountered verifying the trial license.
An unexpected error occurred.

If you are having trouble activating this application under the Vista, check that you are running it as Administrator.

“…under the Vista…”? Anyway, I suspected the problem may have been caused by my second install. Since I have several customizations to style sheets, templates, etc., I installed over the first trial version instead of uninstalling. So, I attempted to uninstall and received this:

Error 1500.Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one.

Note the missing space after the period. Yeah, I know – I should be in QA.

This is probably what caused the RenderX error. My only option at this point was to reinstall (Repair), allowing me to uninstall, and install once again, entering the Serial Number during the install. Problem solved.

I should mention that during this process there appeared to be two installations of differing dates and file sizes after the repair. I had to uninstall both of them.

If you installed XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 as a trial (ie: you did not enter a serial number during installation) it has logic that will not accept a trial extension serial number until the trial has expired. This is the first release that allows a trial to be extended and it has this one kink that I hope our developers can work out for the next release.

This explains the first error, “Unauthorized Serial Number”.

3) Obtain our current release from our sales people and install that after uninstalling your version. The current version is When you install this version be sure to enter your serial number during the install process.

This is the version I was using when I received the RenderX error. I downloaded it from the site referenced by sales in this Activation Note.