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Derek Read

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There are no cases for this issue in our support system as far as we can tell. Did you submit a case using this form? http://na.justsystems.com/contact-support.php

Voice mail is generally a good thing I think. It means you can leave a message when XMetaL Support doesn't happen to be available for a phone conversation. But written submissions for support are generally best though, as XMetaL Support cannot always provide an immediate answer for every issue.

If you installed XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 as a trial (ie: you did not enter a serial number during installation) it has logic that will not accept a trial extension serial number until the trial has expired. This is the first release that allows a trial to be extended and it has this one kink that I hope our developers can work out for the next release.

If this is not the error you are discussing please let us know as it might be something new that other clients have not yet reported. A real serial number should work at any time (ie: I cannot reproduce the issue as you have described it exactly — converting a trial to a licensed version, but I can reproduce it using a trial extension number).

If this is the issue you have a couple of options:

1) Set your system clock forward or back a day or two and then set it back to the right date. This should cause the trial to expire. You should then be able enter the trial extension.

2) Use the product in trial mode for 30 days. Then when you are told the trial has expired enter the trial extension.

3) Obtain our current release from our sales people and install that after uninstalling your version. The current version is When you install this version be sure to enter your serial number during the install process.

Note that in all of these cases your copy of RenderX will also be in trial mode and will put a logo on the bottom of each page if you are producing PDF with the “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” deliverable. A sample DITA map will also open when you first launch the program. All other features are the same as the licensed version.

The RenderX error is new to me. RenderX XEP requires its own license (it is a separate product that we install) and it sounds like the license file may be missing in your case. I cannot guess what might be wrong with your computer to trigger that at this point. I think it would be best to make sure you have properly installed the product before we try to deal with this one.