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Derek Read

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The ..Writing Tools10.0 folder should generally contain stock files that we install (DLLs and fixed word list files for spelling and thesaurus features for the 30 or so supported languages). It is possible that you might have added new dictionaries (word lists) here, but that would be a pretty custom installation.

More likely you may have added words to the “User Word Lists” using the standard Spell Checker dialog's Add button. In this case those files will typically be located here:

Corel User FilesXMetaL 4

Note that might be located various places depending on which version of Windows you have and how it is configured.

You should be able to confirm where your “UWL” file(s) are located by doing the following:
select Tools > Spell Checker > Options > User Word Lists, then click the Add List button. You should be taken to the folder containing that file.