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Thanks to everyone for their kind and helpful replies. I hope the issue isn't with McAfee ScriptScan, as I cannot alter our McAfee settings (centrally controlled by IT). After further testing today, I found that the crash always occurs at checkin to Documentum webtop, and only after relations have been added (such as xrefs, conrefs, reusable components, links, image refs, etc.).

I have attached the debug logs for the crash (see the three jpgs). I think this might be a webtop error, though, so I'm asking our IT team to look into it. I doubt it's our Documentum XML apps, because those are unchanged from previous releases (we just moved to DCTM 6.5 SP2 with XMetaL 6.0 and left the apps unchanged.

Thanks as always for any further help you can provide. I will let you know if we figure things out here.

Paul Masalsky