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My impression after recently upgrading to XMetaL 6.0 (I have full XMetaL+XMetaL Developer, but other users just XMetaL Essentials) is that 6.0 is more likely to crash than 4.6 was. We don't use Documentum Webtop. Most users are on Windows XP. I'm on Windows 7. All use recent versions of IE. Nobody uses McAfee (we use Symantec AV).

I've asked users to keep logs of when crashes happen and what they were doing when it did to see if I can establish a pattern.

My current theory is that it crashes on auto-save if the document is invalid. That seems to be what happen to me this morning, but it's hard to be sure about whether an auto-save was involved. I do know that this morning the doc was invalid at the time. No macros appear to have been involved (I was just typing text).