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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author Enterprise (with XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop installed) supports Webtop versions 6.5 SP1 and 6.5 SP2, and has “provisional” support for Webtop 6.5 SP3. You can check on both of these numbers in the XMetaL Help menu, they both start with “About…”

Webtop tends to change in ways that are not always backward compatible between versions (including minor versions) and this tends to break our integration. This is why with this release we ship 3 different folders for the DCTM server side portion of the software (a different version for each of Webtop 6.5 SP1, SP2 and SP3). There is only one client side installer.

We ran all of our tests against Webtop 6.5 SP1 and SP2 and are not aware of any real issues (certainly none like that which you are seeing).

However, due to the timing of the Webtop 6.5 SP3 release (from Documentum) we only had time to do preliminary testing on it. We did not see any major problems, however, testing was not completed so it is possible that changes will be needed to fully support Webtop 6.5 SP3. This is what the “provisional” wording in the PDF in the admin guide (XME Webtop Administrators Guide.pdf) is referring to when it says: “Webtop 6.5 SP3 (Provisional Support)”. So, there is a possibility you have uncovered something bad that we will need to address before we can say we fully support Webtop 6.5 SP3.

So, it may be best to concentrate on getting either 6.5 SP1 or SP2 working (unless you have specific need for SP3) as we consider those versions fully tested. Then if the crash keeps happening it is more likely to be for some other reason. In most cases it should then be possible to reproduce such an issue without connecting to Webtop.