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Derek Read

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I'm not sure. Are your input files stored locally? What about the output file location?

If a network is involved that might have something to do with it. Perhaps the machine you store files on gets really busy at particular times and that comes back to affect XMetaL, forcing it to wait for read/writes to complete or something.

If something else was affecting this on your local machine it might not be noticable CPU-wise. Maybe look for somethink like that (some virus scanners, back-up programs and disk cleaners can use almost no CPU power but high amounts of disk reads/writes). I had a machine a while ago that had virus scanning software configured to run first thing Tuesdays and it took me a while to figure out because CPU usage was very low but HDD reads were very high slowing everything else down (particularly Outlook which just sat there at a crawl because my PST files are quite big).