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Derek Read

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@class values should not be being added, and we don't have a setting (as far as I know) that would trigger that. We do have a setting in Tools > DITA Options that unhides the class attribute in the Attribute Inspector to let you see what the current value is and change it if you like (not recommended). However, that does not add the value to the document unless you actually make a change. What you see by default in the Attribute Inspector is the class value extracted from the DTD. You should be able to confirm that by switching to Plain Text view. In your case you can't trust that as the value might already be coded after saving, in which case deleting the value, then switching back and forth between Plain Text and Tags On should remove the value and then show you what is declared as in the DTD.

We use MSXML for some operations and some other parsers as well for other things. So, it is possible that an MS update might change some behavior and that is what I am suspecting right now. Or it might be some other control that MS has changed the behavior for.

I'll see if I can reproduce this. Please let me know if this looks like it would be close:

1) Install XMetaL Author Enterprise on a clean XP machine.
2) Open one of our sample maps in Tags On view. I assume you are using a regular map and not bookmap? These two things (the type of map and the view) might make a difference so please let me know.
3) Add a reference to a topic (so I can save) then Save the map.
4) Store this map for future reference as “normal” behavior.
5) Install patch http://support.microsoft.com/kb/983583
6) Redo steps 2 and 3.
7) Compare the maps to see if that patch is triggering your issue.