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Ok the problems kind of back, but not on the output dialog.  I’ve been trying to work with a few DITA maps the past couple of days. The maps are kind of big with about 1000 topic refs to html files. I used to be able to edit and work with them fine. Now for some reason Xmetal bogs down on them like no buddies business. The take 20 seconds to open. When I try and save it pretty much locks up going at full CPU.  Sometimes just clicking somewhere in the document makes Xmetal go berserk.  Any Ideas? I even tried turning off while you type spell checking but that did not help anything.

Update: After about 5 min of going 100% Xmetal finally saved the document. I think I figured out what is gobbling up so much CPU while saving.  Comparing the text of the saved file to another copy, Xmetal added class=”- map/topicref ” and all the extra class junk to the ditamap. It’s doing that on topic files and stuff to now when I save. Is there some option that I somehow checked in Xmetal that no turned on that is now adding all that stuff to all the documents I save and taking a lot more CPU usage?  I looked at some of the attached dlls to Xmetal and saw that it looks like that .NET update updated a few dlls Xmetal uses. The System.xml one seems a bit interesting. I think that controls some of the xml serialization and stuff.