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Derek Read

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Are you stuck with 5.1?

We've found a similar issue in 6.0 that seems to have confused us. In one of the XSLTs in 6.0 the calls to include the templates that generate some of the footers were just not included (there's 'first' and 'last' in addition to 'even' and 'odd'  in the index) although the templates are there.  In 6.0 no matter what you do you can only get 'even' and 'odd' footers in the index. We can't seem to reproduce any font sizing issues there.

We've logged this omission for 6.0 and will see if we can post the updated XSLT here so people can manually update their copy of the OT.

However, it seems that 5.1 has similar issues ('first' and 'last' are not there) although we can't seem to reproduce exactly what you are seeing with 5.1. Perhaps your customizations to the XSLT have altered things? If you can submit a support case and include a zipped copy of your Customization folder then it will be easier to try to figure that out.