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Derek Read

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The kind of issues you are running into seem to be something that might be handled well by a CMS system.

We have clients that not only manage their documents in their CMS but also kick off the DITA OT output from their CMS system (and in some cases perhaps also have that output checked in as a particular version of that output). We have at least one partner that specializes in installing the DITA OT onto a server and integrating it with CMS processes and workflows.

It sounds to me like you might be about half way between these two setups:
a) People working alone with files stored on their local system and generating output there.
b) People working together on shared DITA projects that manage their content in a CMS and produce output from there.

Not sure if you are using a CMS or not (sounds like no)? So are you basically storing your DITA maps and topics on a file share (aka: network share / shared folder) and then generating output to the same place (or nearby on the same machine)?