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I would like to separate it out for both reasons and a few others.
   Adds a bunch of extra files that have to get searched thorough when using windows search.
   When you generate to the same output folder no one can have the file open.
   If your editing the output css it can sometimes override the toolkit css and not get replaced.
   If there are any compile errors in individual files you end up with old data in the final output.
         I have run into this many times where I am modifying the toolkit any it uses old output files.
   More and more writers are generating output for files and maps throught the day.

From experience it would just seem better to generate output to individual users computer. The only way I see to do that in XMetaL is to define the output to a single location. The problem with that is that every output you run will be going to the same chm_out folder or what not. Generating output to a folder that potently has files already in it just seems like a bad idea.  I actually tried once to add a clean output directory stage to the toolkit but XMetaL locks on to a file in the output directory as soon as the compile starts. I'm also weary about having it clean out the output directory  since someone could possibly specify an output folder that has non output content in it. Example would be a user just browsing to their desktop and generating output.

PS:about the “extra” files there are about 30 or so hm*.xml or something files that have appeared up over time. I assume they are temp files XMetaL has forgotten about that can be removed.