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Derek Read

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WebHelp generates HTML files for each topic using the standard DITA OT 'XHTML' transtype, which is the same as you get if you select our deliverable called “Multiple HTML”. In both cases the HTML filename will be the same as the DITA topic filename, so if your topic filenames have spaces in them then those are passed through to the output files.

Easiest solution: Remove the spaces in your topic files or replace them with some other acceptable character (check with your web people).

Hardest solution: Modify the DITA OT so that it renames HTML files that it produces and deletes spaces or replaces spaces with some other character. This may require some JAVA programming.

If you need to quickly rename a bunch of files in a specific folder you may find a “freeware” tool called “CKRename” useful. I'm sure there are other tools available for batch renaming of files. This one lets you remove/change/add characters to filenames for selected files in a specific folder and has other features like autonumbering, case changing, etc.