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Derek Read

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Depending on how the changes were made you may be able to simply redeploy the DITA OT. This will work if the changes that were made were done to your 'per-user' copy of the DITA OT.

Basic instructions for redeploying for XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.5 and 6.0 are as follows:

1) With Author running, select Tools > Configure Output…
2) In the Configure Output dialog select the Advanced tab.
3) In the Advanced tab increase the value for the parameter called cmd_dita_ot_per_user_version by one or more. Example: cmd_dita_ot_per_user_version  =  2. If the parameter is not listed then add it (it should be there by default).
4) Click OK to dismiss the dialog.
5) Select Tools > Configure Output…
6) When prompted with the message to “upgrade” the DITA OT select the OK button.
7) The DITA OT should be redeployed and the Configure Output dialog will appear. You can then dismiss the dialog by pressing OK again.

Instead of step 5 you can also simply generate output. You will still be prompted to “upgrade” the DITA OT. That triggers the same redeployment.

For detailed information on why we “deploy” the DITA OT (and how to manage multiple installations in various different ways) please see this post: