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I did not see the regsvr32.exe item before. I tried again though after registering the dll and Xmetal still crashe. I also tested in a fresh vm and it still crashes. I’m not using any special files; I just have the evaluation map and topic xmetal first loads open. In the vm test I used VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i, Patch 4, I think previously we have been using patch 3 but I didn’t see any changes relating to the script scan in the changes posted.
1. Created standard windows xp VM machine
2. Installed windows xp sp3
3. Installed vm tools
4. Installed .net 3.5 sp1 (CRC32: 1D9139BD)
5. Installed xp sp3 symbols (for debugging stack trace below)
6. Installed XMAU-ENTERPRISE- (CRC32: 5A7BF2E9)
7. Started Xmetal
8. Ran one compile to deploy toolkit
9. Closed Xmetal
10. Installed VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i, Patch 4 (VSE870EMLRP4.Zip, CRC32: 5B37CF4B)
11. Started Xmetal
12. Crashed after a few min
13. Renamed XFRunner.dll to XFRunner.bak
14. Placed new XFRunner.dll into folder
15. Registered
16. Started Xmetal
17. Crashed on first topicref insert.
18. Reopened Xmetal
19. Opened one dialog (to load XFRunner.dll).
20. Opened procexp.exe
21. Took screenshot below of loaded dlls
I also attached a few crash logs that might help. I find it crashes pretty consistently if you insert a topicref or load some dialog, either right before or after pressing ok or browsing for a file, switch to a different program or window such as a open folder, wait about 20 seconds,  switch back to xmetal,  then xmetal crashes  at least 20% of the time for me.