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Derek Read

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So for syntax colouring are you saying you don't see any when editing in XMetaL in Plain Text view? If so, that suggests there's an install issue as we have that feature (since probably about HoTMetaL 1.0 I assume, maybe even before that with Author Editor the precursor to HoTMetaL). See screen capture attached.

RE: Preserving colours on the clipboard.

I've just checked VS 2010 and it puts the data formats called “Text”, “Locale” and “Rich Text” on the clipboard when I copy text from an XML document. IE 7 puts those three plus “HTML” on the clipboard (those numbers you mention).

Details about standard dataformats here in case anyone is interested: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.dataformats.aspx

So, assuming Outlook is the target I suppose Rich Text must be the way that colouring is being preserved when pasting from VS. It may look for HTML first, then look for Rich Text, then finally one of the others (that's similar logic to what we use for our DITA paste from HTML / Word feature, we look for HTML and if we find it we transform to DITA, failing to find HTML we grab the Text, failing to find that we assume the format isn't one we can handle).

To be honest, this sounds like a nice to have feature, but there are quite a few “must haves” on our current road map. We also have other “nice to haves” obviously so this one would be fighting for dev time among those.

The more info about the intended usage you can give me the better so I can describe this to development in detail.