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Derek Read

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I'm not sure there is an “encoding” per se when you use Document.xml, the script engine and Windows handles that as far as I know. I suspect a particular script engine will do some automatic conversion based on XMetaL treating everything as UTF-16 in memory and when passing values around. I believe this is true because a few years ago we had reports for a specific version of PerlScript (ActiveState) not handling some characters.

Is it really just these two characters that is the issue?

If you have something in a string and save it out using script I think it is up to whatever is doing the saving to specify an encoding. Are you using FSO for this? If that's the case then FSO only writes out ASCII or UTF-16 (and you have to tell it ). What are you using to write the XML? Although it is unlikely, perhaps your script engine version may have an effect here as well? Did you recently (perhaps unknowingly if this is JScript or VBScript) upgrade the version of the script engine?