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Thanks for the detailed information, Derek, and sorry to take a while to get back to you. A few quick replies:

1) BatangChe, a Korean font, shows up OK in the Plain Text View options. I'd thought it would make more sense to get Arial Unicode MS in there to cover everything without having to switch fonts. But after your explanation I'll proceed with caution.

2) That's enough information to go on for now, thanks.

3) We don't currently have any customizations to the DTD, CSS, etc. We have a CMS bridge but this shouldn't be affecting the default templates as far as I know. This question was really due to curiosity — why does pasting/saving/opening Korean text work when it shouldn't, according to the description in the other thread I linked (if I understood it correctly). We don't actually need this functionality at the moment, but if you are also interested you could try the following:
i) Create a new DITA concept.
ii) From the Wikipedia [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_language]Korean Language[/url] page, copy 인천/仁川 (the characters for Incheon).
iii) Paste the characters into the empty paragraph in the concept, then save and close the file, and close XMetaL.
iv) Open the file in XMetaL again. The characters should display OK.