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Thank you. I tried it, and it works, well sort of.

1. It is showing all the styling in normal view as well. That will be completely unacceptable. We need to show these styles (for attributes) only in tags on view. Any ideas? The problem is same with element specific before tag (with attribute).

2. So, you are suggesting that I write document level macro for On_View_RefreshCssStyles and in that, write all permutations for all attributes.

    a. At what all times is this macro called? First time a document is opened for a DTD or everytime a document is opened for the DTD?

    b. 2^N can be quite a big number if the DTD is big, which it is in our case. For a conservative number of 50 unique attributes, that will slow down XMetal a lot.

    c. If I can't do (b) because of performance constraints, what are my options? Even with element specific selector (with 2^N attributes for each selector), the performance can be an issue.

Thanks for your help,