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Derek Read

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I was worried you might say 64-bit. We aren't supporting 64-bit yet so I have no means of testing that at the moment. I'll add a note to our test cases to make sure QA looks out for this when they start testing 64-bit.

Minus the 64-bit requirement I can try to see if I can reproduce this with everything else. One thing I neglected to ask was which version of Word you have. That might have something to do with it, but it might also be something else (IE 8 or one of the MSXMLs).

Good thing is that it sounds like this is an annoyance (though it sounds pretty annoying) and not a total failure situation.

Pasting from a text file is not going to have this issue because that does not require any conversion. We look for two versions of what you have copied onto the clipboard. If HTML is present then we try to do a conversion, if just text is present (as with a copy from Notepad for example) then we're just pasting text with no conversion. When we convert from Word we grab the HTML that Word puts on the clipboard, we assume it is invalid HTML (most of the time it is) so we clean it up using HTML Tidy, then convert that HTML to DITA.